Manufacturing Capabilities

XBiotech’s proprietary True Human™ antibody discovery platform involves the screening of thousands of human blood donations to identify the chemically relevant antibody using XBiotech’s Super High Stringency Antibody Mining (SHSAM™) technology. After an antibody and the gene responsible for producing that antibody are identified, the gene is then copied for production in a unique and scalable mammalian expression system that involves the use of simple bioreactor technology.

The use of this simple disposable bioreactor technology to replace massively complex plant and equipment infrastructure, currently used in antibody therapeutics, is unique to XBiotech. This technology allows XBiotech to produce antibodies at a commercial-scale at a fraction of the cost, with shorter lead-time and greater production flexibility than typically required.

XBiotech hosted the Grand Opening of its new Commercial Manufacturing Facility on Thursday, September 15th, 2016 at the building’s location in Austin, Texas. The event included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours of the facility as well as talks by XBiotech Senior Management.

The nearly 40,000 square foot facility is on XBiotech’s own 48-acre location just 15 minutes from the Texas capital in Austin. The building will provide a significant increase in the company’s manufacturing and quality operations in anticipation of commercialization of the Company’s product pipeline. The new facility will increase about ten-fold the Company’s current production capacity. Completion of this building is the first phase in the Company’s plan to develop the 48-acre property to house additional production facilities, laboratories and administrative operations, creating a headquarter campus as the center of its global operations.