XBiotech’s True Human™ Antibody Discovery Platform Featured at the Americas Antibody Congress 2015

XBiotech’s Vice President of Research and Development, Sushma Shivaswamy, Ph.D., will give a presentation on the Company’s True Human™ antibody discovery platform, at the Americas Antibody Congress 2015, being held May 27-28, 2015 in San Diego, CA. Dr. Shivaswamy’s presentation, titled “True Human™ Antibodies: A Path to Safe and Effective Antibody Therapy,” will be presented on May 27 during the Platform Technologies Workshop.

The presentation will provide an overview of the current therapeutic antibody landscape, and how XBiotech’s True Human™ antibody platform has demonstrated enhanced safety and tolerability in the clinic when compared to industry standards for conventional antibody therapeutics. The presentation will also provide an overview of XBiotech’s proprietary Antibody Discovery Technology, and its R&D pipeline.

XBiotech’s True Human™ proprietary platform enables the discovery and cloning of antibodies directly from human donors with a natural immune response to targeted diseases, empowering the Company to efficiently develop therapies derived from natural resistance to multiple infectious and non-infectious targets. As a result, XBiotech’s True Human™ antibody therapies are expected to not only provide superior safety and efficacy compared to earlier generation antibody therapeutics, but also enable a highly diverse pipeline of therapeutic antibodies.

Dr. Shivaswamy commented, "As a leader in developing novel antibody discovery methods, we are pleased to participate in this gathering of the US biopharmaceutical industry to discuss fast tracking of novel antibody therapeutics, against both infectious and non-infectious targets. High development costs and time-consuming research and development have been barriers to bringing new antibodies to the market and we believe the True Human™ platform is an elegant way to possibly overcome these commercial issues while also bringing forth potentially clinically superior products."