05.26.15 - XBiotech Successfully Clones First Anti-Ebola Therapeutic Antibody Product Candidate
05.18.15 - XBiotech Secures Approval from Data Safety Monitoring Board to Continue Phase 3 Registration Study in Europe for its Novel Cancer Immunotherapy
04.29.15 - XBiotech Enrolls First Patient Under Revised Protocol for U.S. Phase 3 Registration Study Using Xilonix™ for Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
04.17.15 - XBiotech Closes Initial Public Offering
04.14.15 - XBiotech Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
04.01.15 - XBiotech Announces Publication of Positive Clinical Results for Xilonix™ in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
03.12.15 - XBiotech Launches Website and Call Center to Inform Cancer Patients about New Xilonix™ Therapy and Phase III Clinical Study
03.04.15 - XBiotech Announces Phase II Psoriasis Study Results in JAMA Dermatology
02.24.15 - XBiotech Plans to Conduct Initial Public Offering of its Common Stock
11.04.14 - XBiotech Adds Daniel Vasella to its Board of Directors
09.11.14 - XBiotech Purchases Automated Vial Filling Machine, Prompting Increased Manufacturing Capabilities
09.02.14 - XBiotech Halts Study, Reports Positive Phase III Results with Antibody Therapy for Cancer
08.01.14 - XBiotech Enrolls First Patient in Phase III European Registration Study Using Xilonix™ for Treatment of Colorectal Cancer
04.17.14 - XBiotech Announces Phase I/II Study Results in Lancet Oncology
04.03.14 - XBiotech Announces In-Licensing of Technology from Strox Biopharmaceuticals
03.11.14 - XBiotech Issued Patent for Antibody Therapy to Treat Chronic Sterile Inflammatory Diseases
01.30.14 - XBiotech and European Medicines Agency (EMA) Agree on Phase III Registration Study for Treatment of Colorectal Cancer
01.16.14 - XBiotech Announces Launch of Study to Treat Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG)
11.19.13 - XBiotech Hosts Dr. Charles Dinarello at its Facilities in Austin, TX
09.18.13 - XBiotech Announces Collaboration with US Oncology Research in Pivotal Phase III Trial for Anti-Cancer Drug Xilonix™
09.04.13 - XBiotech Announces it is Developing Therapy for MRSA
08.29.13 - XBiotech Announces Addition to its Board of Directors
05.31.13 - XBiotech Announces Development of A Novel True Human™ Antibody Therapeutic
05.15.13 - XBiotech Announces Results for its Xilonix™ Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
05.01.13 - XBiotech to Present at UBS Global Healthcare Conference
04.24.13 - XBiotech Enrolls First Patient in Phase III Pivotal Trial of Xilonix™
03.26.13 - XBiotech Announces Incorporation of Its Wholly Owned Subsidiary XBiotech Japan KK
02.26.13 - XBiotech Expands Portfolio to Include Biosimilars
01.03.13 - XBiotech Receives Fast Track Designation from FDA for True Human™ Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Targeting Inflammatory Cytokine IL-1a for Restenosis
12.12.12 - XBiotech Announces Positive Phase II Clinical Trial Results for Lead Candidate MABp1 in Acne Vulgaris
11.20.12 - XBiotech Reports Positive Phase II Interim Analysis Results in Vascular Disease
10.29.12 - XBiotech Reports Positive Phase II Interim Analysis Results From Type 2 Diabetes Study
10.17.12 - XBiotech Announces Progress in Clinical Development of Treatment for Psoriasis
10.03.12 - XBiotech Receives Fast Track Designation from FDA for Anti-Cachexia Drug Xilonix™
04.13.12 - XBiotech Breaking Ground On 67,000sf Manufacturing Facility
03.30.12 - XBiotech is pleased to announce FDA approval to launch a groundbreaking study, titled "A Pivotal Phase 2 Study to Evaluate MABp1 as A Treatment for Cachexia in Subjects with Metastatic Cancers."
12.05.11 - XBiotech Presents Oncology Trial Results
09.24.11 - XBiotech Hosts Clinical Investigators
09.12.11 - Early Results from XBiotech's Clinical Study in Cachexia Hint at Breakthrough Treatment
08.30.11 - XBiotech Launches Partnership Talks in Asia
08.18.11 - All Five U.S. Sites for Restenosis Clinical Trial Have Been Selected and Initiated
07.18.11 - XBiotech Enrolls 1st Patient in Restenosis Study
07.01.11 - XBiotech Receives FDA Approval
07.01.11 - New Media Formulation in the Works